Volume One and Two
New York City subway photography
from 1970 to 1989
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October 27, 2004:   On this day, the New York City subway system
has now celebrated 100 years of service to the city.  It's a
remarkable moment in NYC history.  Congratulations to that!  Over
those years and until now, not everyone is just a regular
passenger.  There are those who are historians and they have an
appreciation for the subway and its history.  That's why they have
things like the Transit Museum in Brooklyn.  That's why they have
exhibits/seminars at the Transit Museum given by those very
people.  That's why they preserve old cars, signs, and related
items.  Some people take photos and preserve memories and
history that way.  Some of those very people are involved in these
two subway photography books.  The front covers of those books
are shown above.  I want to thank all my people who worked on
these books.  For now, the Volume Two cover only is shown.

In those first 100 years and since then, how many good quality,
color books were done to feature the NYC subway?  How many
can you think of?  Only a few that I would recommend and I have
quite a few subway books that are any good at all.  Go to any
bookstore and do some comparisons.  Most books contain black
& white photos and have more pages of text than photos.  Or they
have a photo and don't even put a caption on the same page to
describe the photo.  Why not?  Or they have actual blank pages in
most of that book.  You can't find a photo to put on each page?
We do better than that.  There are books that take color photos and
publish them in black & white because they worry about the
production cost of a color book.  That's not good.  Too many
people with color photo books show only recent things within the
last few years.  
Is that good enough for you?  It's not for me.  Do they have proper
captions, dates, and locations?  I don't think so based on what I
find at the bookstores.  How do so many authors, get these book
deals anyway?!  ( Don't even get me started on that subject.... )
What happens if you can't find the book you really want?

You have a choice: Keep waiting for someone to do the book you
want or do it yourself.   That's what we did.  Now there are two
subway photo books done that feature all color photography and
done by long time experts in subway history and photography.  All
done by New Yorkers who know their way around.  It's long
overdue but it's finally here.  Authentic subway books, by real
experts, with subway photography skills.  It's not just some hype,
it's the truth.  Let's just say it's done by "train-ed" professionals.

We have the system covered for you, like from Kings Highway to
Queens Plaza to Prince Street to Castle Hill Ave.
From Atlantic Ave. to Ocean Parkway.
From Baychester to Bay Parkway.
From Van Cortland to Van Siclen to Van Wyck.
From Union St. to Union Square to Union Turnpike.  
From The Bowery to 40 st.- Lowery.  
From Hunts Point to Hunters Point to Willets Point.  
We make all stops throughout the system the way you want it.

It's a combination of revisting years you grew up in and learning
about what you missed.  It's really also a tribute project to one of
the photographers who inspired many others.  Most people enjoy
nostalgic memories from their youth I think. Until you figure out a
way to build that time machine to visit those days again, you have
to rely on films or photography to take you there. In the meanwhile,
if you want to return to those days or learn about what happened,
I know you'll enjoy both books, for now you can have Volume #1.   

Note the sample page photos from each book on the tabs on the
left.  ( Please note: Volume TWO is not printed yet or available for
purchase. )  Any comments you want to make about the books or
NY films might find their way to those areas. The "Film Reviews"
area will also serve as a place to mention NY based films that
feature the NY subways.  Since Volume One has a movie review
list, there are other films made prior to 1970 that will be mentioned
based on our knowledge and any word from you the customer.  
It's all up to you, the customer, to have a say about the next books
we do.  At the rate the books are selling and the feedback, that will
determine what books we can do next.  There's no one else in any
other subway book telling you things like that.  You know what,
they're not us though.

Please tell your subway friends about this website and the books.  
My team is doing that also.  We will update this page with any latest
news on the each Volume and do the feedback from your
comments.   Thanks for your interest, you won't be disappointed.

What we will feature is: Some 60's, Certainly 70's, Especially 80's,
and not much 90's.  No current events please.
When it comes to enjoying subways, for me it's out with the new
and in with the old.  The new cars now are impressive in some
ways but we like the older cars.  That's what we focus on.

I just want to enjoy the old days and the old ways - always...
If you are like that also, I suggest you get "on board" with us.

If you want hardcore, big time, nostalgic New York subway
memories from the years we cover, then you want:
MAKING ALL STOPS - Volume One - All the grit, that we can fit...

We always keep it rail...

O.S. Funk

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