Welcome to the sample preview page!   Since the book is not available at bookstores where
you can browse through it, this sample page is to give you an idea of the book's format and
the type of photos inside you can enjoy.  It's just a sample page for the site, the actual page is
much clearer and you can enjoy more details.  This sample page is from 1977 and it shows
from top to bottom: a bunch of scrapped IND trains, an IRT car, and a BMT car.  Just showing
the variety of what happened and how its presented.  It's all history, not fiction.  

Volume Two overview:  102 pages, 234 color photos.  No black & white photos at all.  Book
size is 8 and 1/2 by 11.  Less text than in Volume One.  No more than 3 photos per page. All
trains except for a few work cars and some 42 st bus photos.  Each photo is captioned with
date and location along with historical facts from the photographer and personal comments
made by the author.  

There are no special sections like in Volume One.  It's all pretty much in date order from 1977
to 1989 with maybe a few exceptions.   The cover photo was chosen to signify the transition
from silver & blue painted cars to white cars.  The 1980's had many things happen.  We show
it.  The IRT cars getting painted white, new R62 cars, new R68 cars, old cars getting
scrapped, cars getting rebuilt, repainted, the end of graffiti, etc...  Mixed cars and paint
schemes were around on the IRT.  Also, the only BMT cars painted white for the movie "BEAT
STREET" happened in 1984.  We have photos of them in service here.  These are the trains
that ran during the disco days and early rap days that you might relate to.  

No matter where you're from and what you like, I know there's something in here for you.  
We will be Making All Stops to your favorite memories from the 1970's and 1980's.   

O.S. Funk

"I'm talking some new flicks, ones like you ain't never seen"
Volume Two - 1977 to 1989
Sample page and book details: