Welcome to the sample preview page!   Since the book is not available to browse at  
bookstores, this sample page is to give you an idea of the book format and the type of
photos you can enjoy inside.  It's just a sample page for the site, the actual page is much
clearer and you can enjoy more details.  This page is taken from the "Special Car
numbers" section.  
We show car #7676 on top from 1973.  Under that is car #7700 from 1970.  It just so
happens the photos are taken at the same station, in the same spot, years apart.  
Both cars are from the IRT division and taken in The Bronx.  

Volume One overview:   120 pages, 244 photos - only 2 are black & white.  All train photos
are in color.  Book size is 8 and 1/2 by 11.  No more than 3 photos per page.  Each photo
is captioned with date and location along with historical facts provided by the photographer
and personal comments from author.

Despite the cover saying we cover the years of 1970 to 1976, there are a few other things
we feature before the photos start the chronology.  The main concept for the book is a
tribute to a subway employee and a subway photo legend.  If you never heard of him
before, now you'll know.  There are written tributes to Steve included then the photos start.
Both books contain photos from his close friends who are also established photographers.
We start with a section dedicated to Steve with personal photos of him over the years.  

Then we get into a 20 photo section covering nothing but rooftop shots taken by Steve
Zabel over a 15 year span.  Those photos are from all over the city.  

Then I put in a feature on Special Car numbers.  We start by showing 2 different car types
numbered 100 and go up the line to car #9000.  The range of photos in that section has
photos from the 60's, 70's, and 80's.   There are sequence and comparison photos.  

After that we start the actual 1970 to 1989 sequence.  As I mentioned in the book's intro, it
was too much to fit it all in one book so that is why I had to divide that into 2 books.  No one
else has done that before and I am sure all the train people out there will enjoy going year
by year checking out color photos of their favorite memories.   Also, the 1972 section has
extra photos showing aqua World's Fair cars normally from the 7 train running on the 1
train.  Check that out.   That's classic.  For you hardcore Bronx buffs, we have a 20 photo
section for the last years of the 3rd Avenue Elevated in The Bronx.  Includes empty stations
with old signs and of course trains on the last day of service.  Hey, if you liked the snow
shot on the cover at 149 st., you know we have more of that included.  

If you like movies, this book has a movie listing covering films released between 1970 to
1989 that feature NYC subways.  Put it this way, it doesn't have every known title but it has
the best list you're going to find at the moment.  I put it together with help from a few
friends.  Check any website and any book that has any similar list, I know there's more on
my list here. You would be surprised to find how many films were made that featured NYC
subways.  All kinds of genres represented and TV movies. I know there's people who would
like to know what other movies have subways other than the most popular ones.  Now you
can go buy some of them and enjoy classic train scenes.  The list was compiled without the
help of anyone at the Transit Authority.  

No matter where you're from and what you like, I know there's something in here for you.
We will be Making All Stops to your favorite memories from the 1970's & 1980's.  

O.S. Funk

"Giving you more of what you're funk-ing for"
Volume One - 1970 to 1976
Sample page and book details:
Much thanks for the great computer generated artwork from one of
our hardcore customers who always reps for us: Brian Nelson
 AA recent commission to do a model subway car with our book name - from a talented book customer of ours who reps
for us in England.  He does canvas work and art on scale model trains.  His name is
Gordon Smith aka Original GEE.
If you are on Facebook, send him a request and if you want a custom train like this, I am sure he can do one for you.
The details on the cars are awesome, better than this photo here. He makes the new car look like the rusty, scrubbed
down IRT cars of the 1980's.  Gordon can use any train car or paint scheme you prefer.  Like us, he keeps it rail..
We love his artwork for our book series and Gordon is a fan of Making All Stops, he recommends the Volume One book.  
 Some new comments from our book customers:
Our friend from England, Benito El Rey, got the book and said among other things:
"Wow!!  I am blown away!  This has to be the most important book in Hip Hop culture that wasn't
aimed at Hip Hop culture.  The book is going to sit right next to my Subway Art" and he said
"Such an important historical book".   -  It means alot to us to have people express such
happiness about our book.  We get lots of great compliments from England and the UK.