Recommended Books, stores,
webpages, etc...
If you like the same kind of NY subway memories shown in our books, then we can mention
similar products or webpage stores that you may also enjoy and support.  
You can also send an e-mail to ONLYTHEBESTBOOKS@YAHOO.COM and mention what the
item is and where it's available and I can mention it here in the interest of our readers.

For subway related memorabilia, he is known on Ebay as SUBWAY AL.  He knows his trains
and has many videos and rollsigns and related items...Besides checking his great auctions on
Ebay, I suggest you check his webpage:  

For anyone interested in books on subway rollsigns, I suggest another person who was on
Ebay and who now has a webpage with a NYC subway rollsign book and other subway
collectible items you may like.  A knowledgeable person in transit history like Subway Al.  Both
gentlemen are reliable people to work with.  
Check the webpage:

We recommend a very good train webpage that also gave us a favorable and accurate book
review recently - check the Book Reviews area.   In addition to many book reviews done, there
are many other items of interest on there that you may want to learn about.  
We want to say our thanks and support to Adam and to encourage people to
check his informative train related webpage:

A very informative webpage with many links.  We suggest you check our friends

For our friends into Trolleys and the Pennsylvania area, we are mentioned in the "News" area
on this informative and interesting page with many train links you may like.  We suggest you

A very unique webpage where people do subway video simulations of all kinds of subway
stations and cars.  Like doing a video game or a movie of your favorite trains and have them
in a modern setting.  Plus they have posted a great book review on Volume One book.
We are pleased to be part of their webpage audience and we recommend all our readers to
check this webpage for more details:

If you like model trains and NYC subway cars, then the page we recommend is our friends at: -   excellent page and info...Check this out..

                       OTHER BOOKS WE RECOMMEND:

Subways of the world - printed in 2000 - by Stan Fischler
Has 10 chapters on various subway systems and of course NYC is there. A color book, 96 pages and
most of the photos are from the top notch work of Mr.Oszustowicz who is a world traveller. Has much
informative text for the systems covered.  A good product for the subway market.  
This should still be in print, check online at your favorite retailer...

SUBWAY - from 1986 - by Bruce Davidson
A famous photographer of NY topics, the original printing is now out of print but this is now reissued with
more photos and info.  Has focus on people in the subways, the mood of the subway, not a railfan book in
any way.  It's all 1980's era photos and all color.  Has train interiors and good scenes...
Get a revised copy, should be in print....