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Mention your name or whatever name or initials you want and just state where you are from.  
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comments made usually in e-mails and we put some of the actual comments made from
satisfied customers.   We have a proven "track record" with our readers...
As of June 2014 - recent book customer comments and we quote:
Mr.Andre from Norway: "The book is ultra real, it's almost too cool to be true"                            
Noel M. from the Bronx: " The book in my opinion is great and it's all about preserving history."    
Mr.Cheselka from Texas, bought 2 books, says: " I really enjoyed my first copy and thought it
was by far the best NYC subway book I ever owned and am looking forward to more".  

From a hardcore student of NYC subway history from miles way in
Australia, we have Mr.Crawford
who said many compliments, we
can mention his book review like this:  " You guys understand what it takes..you were in the
trenches and it shows...that's exactly what Steve did with his photos. All weather, all city, year
in, year out.  Gotta get that spot, gotta catch that train, gotta get that rare photo.. Steve (Zabel)
understands what it means to become the machine.  You know it and I know it.  Henry and
Martha don't know what that is".  -  ( he is referring to the authors of Subway Art from 1984 )
" I always wanted to learn the right information ( about NYC subways) and now thanks to you, I
can learn it from someone real bro and I can never thank you enough for that".
( THANKS for that great review Mr.Crawford, you are on the right track! )

Jesper from Sweden: " Making all stops is awesome!  That book is slowly growing in my mind.
The pictures are EXCELLENT."
Tom M. from Nevada: " Excellent book, fantastic photos. Looking forward to
the next volume."  ( Thanks Tom, we want the next volume done this year.  )

Mr.Callahan from New Jersey:  among the things he mentioned in a great e-mail to us:
"the photographs are superbly reproduced and give the reader a true sense of the experience
of what it was like to ride the trains back then" and "the book provides a wonderfully nostalgic
trip through time"  and concludes " my compliments for such an impressive effort with Volume
One, it's exceptional quality certainly builds anticipation for subsequent books"
( Thanks for those compliments, we worked to produce a quality book and are eager to get
Book #2 done the same way you are anticipating more books. Glad to have your support. )

Mr.G.Metz: a fellow photographer who says, "All in all, Making All Stops- Volume One - is a most
welcome addition to my library and probably to many other NYCTA and rapid transit enthusiasts
elsewhere.  Looking forward to Volume Two! "

Adam X former Brooklynite now in East Berlin, Germany says: "Making All Stops is a must have
book for anyone who loves the grittiness of NYC subways in the 70's. Simply one of the best
books in the subject available".    ( From Brooklyn to Berlin, Adam knows his trains, thanks! )
Frank Del Toro 56 from NJ: " loved the book" and " will be looking out for the next one".

Mr.Barton from New Zealand: "I am really feeling the rooftop photo section, Steve Zabel is truly
an amazing photographer. Looking at all these old trains I feel like I have gone back in time".
B.T. from Queens, NY:  he mentioned alot, among them: "the photographers in the book did a
fine job capturing the ambience of the subways during that era." and " The book has plenty of
goodies inside" and " It is definitely worth a look if you're into transit or history".  
Bas from the Netherlands: "It is worth every $ and I can only say: get this book before it is sold
out! "  and "The book is what was promised"   ( Great to have more European readers like Bas )
Bob, from NJ says:  "your book is very well done,outstanding photography, plus well-written,
informative captions" - thanks Bob, we hope to do more books the same way.
Book comments and reviews from
our customers:
We also have some customer inspired artwork for the book and this was done by
Mr.Riley who took the time to draw these train station scenes that happen to promote us...
NICE WORK!   Thanks and we will post any other artwork we get from customers...
2012:  new book reviews done on these webpages:  
This is a very informative train webpage and they have reviewed our Volume one book.   Go to the webpage, scroll on
the left and go to "Book Reviews".   He has a lot of different books there you may like.  Support the rail fans...
www.apogeephoto.com:  go to the "Photo Book Reviews" area and click on that.  Very cool online photo magazine.
They gave us a great review and from the photography community, that is appreciated to have.  
www.BVEstation.com- very cool webpage that deals with subway train videos and simulations. Like having a video of
your personal model trains in action, video style.  We recommend all our readers to this page, enjoy and learn more
about the process.  They also posted a book review on our Volume One book - done JULY 2012
Thanks for the eager and honest review and we are glad to know you are "on board" with Making All Stops!